private events

White Rabbit High Tea can plan and execute the perfect private event tailored to your unique specifications. Whether it be a corporate gathering, brand launch, birthday party, engagement, or something else entirely, we can provide top tier cuisine, entertainment and cannabis to make your event unforgettable.


high tea

the highest high tea in la la land! A not-so-traditional semi formal afternoon tea party. For parties from 12 to 32, let White Rabbit High Tea export you to a cannabis fantasy land where imagination greets you at the table. Enjoy an afternoon in a whimsical atmosphere with culinary delights, curious conversations, cannabis goodies & of course, tea!


garden parties

expecting all of the characters from your life at your next party? Make it a garden party with all the flare and fancy of high tea but with more space to play. For parties of 32 or more, transport yourself to your own unique wonderland and enjoy gourmet food, be entertained by world class performers and indulge in and old age tradition… or two.



we work with you to match your specific needs and pair different strains of cannabis with your individualized wedding palate. We curate the perfect modes of consumption to match the mood of the event, whether that be vaping flowers or eating an infused slice of wedding cake. We can add pinch of cannabis to your event or allow it to be a main theme throughout your special day.