Why we love Fruit Slabs


Often times the things we love most about getting high is that childlike awe and wonder that makes the ordinary, extraordinary. Combine that with a super healthy version of one of our favorite childhood snacks, fruit leathers, and you get the perfect adult experience in a way that brings you back to your youth. Fruits Slabs has mastered that nostalgic feeling of ripping open and devouring a fruit leather with the blissful high of consuming cannabis as an adult.

We have had the pleasure of working with Fruit Slabs for the last two years and sharing this experience with our Wonderland Club members at our White Rabbit High Tea. For me it was love at first slab!

Prior to ripping open my first package of Fruit Slabs I was introduced to CEO Roxanne through a mutual friend and female cannabis entrepreneur Katy Villa of Native Seed. She said something along the line of “You HAVE to meet Roxanne, she is amazing” and she wasnʼt wrong. Roxanne Dennant is the powerhouse behind the success of Fruit Slabs and truly an inspiration in the realm of cannabis entrepreneurs, and of course she is! As it truly takes one to know one, Katy Villa did not steer me wrong! Roxanne has also been featured in Civilized and listed as one of the top 24 most influential women in cannabis.

Over the past two years Fruit Slabs has sponsored many of our High Tea parties and Iʼve had the chance to work closely with Roxanne on some other projects both for White Rabbit High Tea and for Fruit Slabs. Itʼs been amazing to stand beside this inspiring women as she works diligently to bring this product to market and share it with so many people. She recently made huge strides when after months of hard work she gained Kosher certification for two of the six flavors of Fruit Slabs, Passion Pride and Tropical Haze. Making them the first ever Kosher Certified edible. With Roxanneʼs determination Fruit Slabs is aiming to have the rest of their flavors Kosher certified by the end of 2019.

Needless to say this is huge as Jewish dietary laws restrict members of the faith from ingesting non-kosher cannabis edibles and until now edibles where essentially off limits to this previously marginalized community in the cannabis space. This kind of forward thinking and inclusiveness makes Roxanne so incredibly brilliant and special in my eyes and I hope that others will take notice and be inspired do whatever it is they can in their own lives and their own communities to make things more inclusive for those who are being left out, whatever it might be. Cannabis has always been a way that people can get together and Roxanne just made it that much easier for part of the population to share in this amazing product and the experience it brings to the people who use it. We are thrilled to be welcoming Fruit Slabs back to our Tea Table October 27th!

xoxo, Jessica Cole “High Hostess”