Guest of honor Ophelia Chong


It is with great pride and immense pleasure that we dive into our Autumn Season of White Rabbit High Tea and continue on a thread we started in the Spring of bringing cannabis community stars to our humble stage. We are excited to announce our Guest of Honor Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot images, self described as a community activist, educator, graphic designer & photographer.

I first met Ophelia back in 2017 when a good friend of mine conceived and executed the very first Blunt Talk through her TED- style creative series RuNT. Since then Blunt Talks has been co-opted by Sam Zartoshty who has turned a successful one-off into a thriving meet up with much of the same format as the original creator Flavia Arsenal put into place three years ago. Same tacos and beer, same cannabis community, different speakers each event and new locations. Ophelia was speaking at that original Blunt Talk event and White Rabbit High Tea was one of the raffle sponsors, so Flavia insisted that we meet, both of us being creatives and photographers. Since I became aware of her, I have seen Ophelia make great strides in the cannabis industry with her company Stock Pot images, not only on a professional level but on a cultural level. The work she does helps visually change the conversation around cannabis and the level at which she does it makes such an amazing impact on the collective consciousness. Not only that but she is also the founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE). An organization that she created driven by the desire to help shape the new conversation of Cannabis and guided by one mission: to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace cannabis. We can understand why Forbes listed her as one of the top fifteen powerful and innovative women in cannabis right now.

The list of Opheliaʼs accomplishments are long and varied and that is exactly why we chose her to be our guest of honor for the October 27th White Rabbit High Tea. She is someone that we can all look up to and strive to be more like, not only in our creative endeavors but our care and concern for those around us. Helping people from all walks of life awaken into this new cannabis wonderland and bring peace and prosperity to all those who seek it. We cannot wait to sit down with her and treat a few lucky guests to bask in her greatness. I do hope youʼll be one of them!

xoxo, Jessica Cole “High Hostess”