High Tea is exactly as it sounds.

High! Lifted, upworldly, higher than a kite, high class, highest delight, elevated, lofty.

And Tea! There will be tea! 

Each month the White Rabbit High Tea invites guests to partake in the lost art of High Tea at the Highest High Tea party in all of la LA land! 

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Each Tea is a magical experience. 

As adults there is little room left for play time or theater anymore and yet more and more we stive for and seek out creative ways to participate in events that allow us to be someone else for a day or even connect more deeply with who we are. 

Hello Gorgeous by Yummi Karma 

Hello Gorgeous by Yummi Karma 

Jelly Shamen 

Jelly Shamen 


Unified by a love of tea and cannabis

When thinking back to our most delightful times cannabis and tea have always been involved. 


Connecting through a shared meal and a shared interest. 

Bringing together long time tea lovers and first time tea tasters. Sharing new experiences in an old way while cultivating beauty and refinement.